RamaneeyaM – రమణీయం


RAMANEEYAM‘ is an anthology of short stories by ‘anaamakudu’. “Anaamakudu” goes by the name Ramasastri. With this anthology ‘Anaamakudu’ comes from behind the characters and begins to get ‘covered’ in the glow off his Ramam and Sita. It is high time he did that. He is no more an ‘anaamakudu. ‘ 

Sita and her ‘bava’ Ramam begin their journey into life way back in ’1994′ (this anthology begins with a story from that date) though Ramam knew his ‘Sita’ and their life ‘RAMANEEYAM‘ began earlier.

And our ‘Ramam’ walks us along the life ‘RAMANEEYAM‘ to the sunset of their life.

It is our life and ‘Ramam’ takes us ahead into our life even before we begin to actually live that life.

For most of us would have had the experience of ‘Sita’ and ‘Ramam’.
The characters are not they, they are us – you and I and it is our life.

That is life ‘ramaneeyam’ – a way of living.

Oh! How I long for that ‘jada’ and the cheera, and the muggu!

I envy ‘anaamakudi’ Ramam and his ‘Sita’ and their life ‘ramaneeyam’.

Don’t miss it go and find and share their life.
But what right do we have to share their life?

Let us make our own life a bit more ‘ramaneeyam’ and live life to the hilt.
Let’s make our own life ‘ ramaneeyam’.
Thank you Ramam and thank you Sita!

You can get to have a look into our lives ‘ramaneeyam’ at any book store that stocks Telugu books or may be you could place an order in the nearest book store to you.
Now for those mundane things:
This book is published by
Vahini Book Trust, 1-9-286/3, Vidyanagar,Hyderabad 500044

You can also get it from any of those branches of
Visalandhra Publishing House,

Navodaya Book House, opp: Aryasamaj Mandir, Badi Chowdi, Hyderabad,
Navayuga Book House, Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad,
Navodaya Publishers, Governorpet, Vijayawada

You can now download the ebook here from Kinige.com
This is the best part:
have ‘anaamakudi’s grey matter for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, munching, brunching and what not..mail ‘anaamakudu’ at
ramasastri AT hotmail dot com